Are you finding this blog interesting?

It’s been up and running three weeks – I’d hold out asking until a month, but that will be just about Christmas and I’m sure commenting on a blog will be the last thing on anyone’s mind. What with all the eggnog, Christmas songs and time off.

So the idea is that this blog becomes a conversation about great ideas and where some of those ideas came from. It doesn’t matter what kind of ideas – I’m interested in technology, science and engineering, business and finance, art, music, architecture, writing and plenty of other aspects of creative culture – the key is how the idea developed from a diffuse idea to a real thing.

Or maybe didn’t develop into a real thing – sometimes failure’s the most interesting prism on this stuff. I’m just really interested in this kind of thing. But I also hope that some of the ideas here will prompt flights of inspiration themselves.

So what do you think. Is it doing any of that? What could I do better, differently? Do you have ideas for reviews, interviews, overviews, stories, links?

(Bribe: I have a killer mixtape of Christmas songs for any comments)